Embrace Pain to Avoid Suffering with Brian Bogert EP: 113

podcast Nov 16, 2022

When I meet people who blow me away with their stories and the way they use them to shine a light for others, I’m compelled to share them with everyone in my community because we can learn so much from them.

Such is the case with Brian Bogert. Brian is a professional coach, motivational speaker, business strategist, and leader. His mission is to help individuals achieve the best version of themselves by becoming more aware and more intentional – and therefore, more authentic. His strategy -- embrace pain to avoid suffering -- has helped people create for themselves a life with no limits.

Brian has an amazing story, and I invite you to tune in today as he talks about:

  • The idea of embracing pain to avoid suffering and how this can help you connect with your most authentic self
  • The story that shaped his life and led to the core concept of what he teaches
  • The 4 roots of internal suffering and how sharing your story can help alleviate the pain
  • How the trash from your past is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself
  • Why telling your story releases the garbage that’s keeping you from living authentically

There’s power in your story. And the challenge is for you to start doing storytelling work, and allow your story to free you from the suffering that comes with keeping it in.



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