AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Fine to Fabulous with Sheryl Morley EP: 064

podcast Dec 08, 2021

Today’s episode is the second in a series of interviews with the women of the LIGHTbeamers Author Program -- a special book project that’s going to shine a light on 15 women and their empowering stories of courage, perseverance, and overcoming adversity.

Sheryl Morley is the founder of the Fine2Fabulous Movement, owner of the Institute of Wholistic Health, and an expert in the areas of happiness and fun! She is also a member of the Network Marketing Million Dollar Hall of Fame, and a top leader for more than 30 years in her industry. Her mission is to be a mentor to other women who want to live their best lives -- physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Join me and Sheryl and she shares with us today:

  • Her backstory growing up on the farm and becoming Taco Bell Sheryl with no self-confidence
  • The transformation she went through after listening to a cassette tape (yes -- that long ago!!) her mom insisted she listen to
  • Finding a mentor and influence who shaped the person she has become
  • Helping women go from Fine2Fabulous -- little by little, every single day
  • Joining the LIGHTbeamers Author Program and how her ego did not let her back out!!

Sheryl’s story reminds us that our journeys are important and always worth sharing. Because in sharing our stories, we’re able to connect with others and let them know they’re not alone; that they have someone who will walk with them every step of the way.


Interview Links:
Connect with Sheryl through her website, Institute of Wholistic Health or through Facebook!

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