Author Spotlight: Paving the Way with Pamela Meadows EP: 075

podcast Feb 23, 2022

So many of us women -- yes, myself included -- have been conditioned to think that we should stay small and quiet, to stay behind the scenes even when we have something valuable to give to our community.

One woman is trying to change that by helping other women learn how to “say NO to things that don’t serve you and YES to things that light you on fire.” Pamela Meadows -- one of the 14 women who took up the challenge to elevate their voice and let their story be told -- is on a mission to help women create and live their best lives.

Join me and Pamela today, as she and I talk about:

  • How she owned her expertise and what she did to advocate for herself in the workplace
  • What she’s doing now to affect change in the company she’s with, including getting everyone to have their own Smile File!
  • Her reason for joining the LIGHTbeamers Author Program and what it was like for her to go on this journey
  • Her message to women about confidence, value, and self-worth, and getting clarity on their life goals
  • Being the leader while also realizing that there’s still a lot to learn about giving equal opportunities in and outside of the workplace

I’ve always advocated for women learning to choose and say YES to themselves. As the title of our book says: Elevate Your Voice! Speak up, let yourself be heard, and take action on the things that will allow you to live your life to the fullest. And like Pamela, begin to create the life you love.


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