AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Know Your Worth with Karen Smith EP: 108

podcast Oct 12, 2022

Today’s episode is the second in a series of interviews with the women of the LIGHTbeamers Author Program -- a special book project that’s going to shine a light on eight women and their empowering stories of courage, perseverance, and overcoming adversity. 

Karen Smith spent 20 years in corporate America before she found her real calling – being an entrepreneur, coach, and energy healer. The road to where she is now was not an easy one, and she recounts how she’s had to unlearn what she had always believed and find the truth about herself.

Join me and Karen today as she shares:

  • The background for her chapter titled “Know Your Worth” in the second LIGHTbeamers collaborative book, Step Into Your Brave
  • Why she said “YES” to the challenge of being an author and sharing a very personal story
  • Her journey joining the author program and writing her chapter, and what it was like revisiting the experiences from her past
  • How sharing her story and letting others know the importance of knowing your value and worth is a service to the people read the book
  • Why you owe it to yourself to Step Into Your Brave and tell your story
  • What she’s looking forward to as an author

What Karen has shown us is that in sharing your story, you have the opportunity to not only heal yourself but also empower others to step into their own brave. Everyone’s story is important; yours is, too. The challenge is for you to share it out in the open and to let it shine its light.


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