AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Breaking Down the Walls with Beth Jones EP: 112

podcast Nov 09, 2022

Trauma often leaves one overwhelmed, sometimes unable to move forward, and often afraid of facing what caused the undesirable experience. But there’s a way of recovering from it and releasing it in order to become whole again, and that is through the healing power of storytelling.

Beth Jones is one of the women authors in the second LIGHTbeamers collaborative book, Step Into Your Brave. She is sharing her story as a trauma survivor, hoping to shine a light for others and help them start their own healing.

Join me and Beth today, as she and I talk about: 

  • The interesting parallel between what she does for a living doing forensic accounting and what she’s been doing on her journey to personal healing
  • The different types of fear that come with putting your story out there in a big way, and how Beth channeled those fears to bring about healing instead
  • The healing process she underwent and her understanding that part of her purpose is to inspire trauma survivors to also go on their own healing journey
  • The experience of writing for the book, Step Into Your Brave, and being with amazing co-authors gave her the fulfillment and nourishment she had been missing for a long time
  • The various things unfolding for her as a result of sharing her story, and her advice for anyone who’s about to embark on their own storytelling journey

One thing is for sure: your story matters, and sharing it can bring about healing. Digging deep to bring out that story and embracing all the struggles that come with it require a lot of work and inner strength, but the reward is great. That reward, is healing.


Click here to grab a copy of Step Into Your Brave on Amazon. Through Kiva, 100% of launch day profits will fund micro loans for underserved women who are starting or growing their business.

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