AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Elevating Women in Ministry with Becky Burroughs EP: 071

podcast Jan 26, 2022

Today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast is the fourth in a series I’m doing, with the women authors of Elevate Your Voice, the LIGHTbeamers collaborative book project. 

Becky Burroughs is a leadership coach and education junkie whose focus is on faith-based principles. Her goal is to empower women to live their lives and lead with courage, credibility, and confidence, and to help them discover what makes them unique and embrace that quality in them.

Becky is such an inspiration to talk to, so I invite you to listen in as we discuss:

  • The circumstances surrounding her decision to work with women in ministry and why she got into leadership coaching
  • Why she says women are still part of the problem when it comes to equality in the workplace and in society in general
  • The identity crisis she went through after suffering from loss – and what she discovered about herself
  • The amazing journey she feels lucky to have gone on by joining our Author Program for the book, Elevate Your Voice
  • Her 2022 plans to further empower women in ministry – this is such a good one!!

As Becky has shown us, using your voice to bring about positive change – especially in the lives of women who need encouragement and empowerment – will always be a rewarding experience. So share your story. Use your voice. You never know whose lives your story will impact in a way they need it most.


Connect with Becky:
Becky Burroughs Coaching
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