AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Focus on Healing with Amber Wells EP: 109

podcast Oct 19, 2022

We’re less than a week away from the launch of our LIGHTbeamers collaborative book, Step Into Your Brave, and we’re very excited!! The female authors who are part of this book show us different faces of courage with their stories, and it’s amazing to get to know them all.

Today on the podcast, I’m bringing into the spotlight Amber Wells. Amber is an international entrepreneur, founding owner of She Companies, Inc. and a self-care journaling subscription box called Big Girl Pantees. Her journey to becoming an author has not been an easy one, which makes the release of Step Into Your Brave all the more meaningful.

Listen in on my conversation with Amber, as she and I talk about:

  • Her being part of the first book, Elevate Your Voice, but ending up publishing her story in the second book, Step Into Your Brave
  • How her lifelong dream began to look like a nightmare, and the self-doubt that came with not being able to finish what she had started
  • The healing she needed in her relationship with her son and the forgiveness she had to give her own parents
  • Why she’s sharing her story and knowing that God placed her where she was for a reason
  • Being part of a collaborative book with other women and the importance of sharing success with others
  • The experience of holding their first copy of the book and the reality that she was a published author, about to touch the lives of other people through her story

I always say – your story matters. And I believe that all of us are placed in situations where we can be transformed, and ultimately inspire and encourage others. We only have to step into our brave and give our stories the chance to shine a light the way they’re meant to.


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