[SYL Author Series] Overcoming Debilitating Panic Attacks with Author Marcia Murff Tabor EP: 168

podcast Nov 08, 2023

Today, I’m bringing you another episode in our Author Series for our book, Shine Your Light. ICYMI, Shine Your Light is the third and final book in our LIGHTbeamers book series. It is a collection of personal stories of 13 women who faced challenges, emerged from them, and discovered their inner light.

Marcia Murff Tabor’s story centers around her battle with panic attacks and anxiety. She shares how, with her husband’s support and her determination to regain control of her life, she ultimately found her way back into the world. Her story of self-discovery and healing is something you don’t want to miss.

Join me and Marcia as we talk about:

  • Her personal struggle with panic attacks, detailing the traumatic experiences that initially triggered them
  • Becoming a recluse, unable to leave her home for extended periods and limiting her ability to participate in everyday activities
  • Embarking on a holistic healing journey and the importance of addressing mental health through a combination of approaches beyond prescription drugs
  • Regaining control of her life, re-entering the world, and the significance of doing internal work to manage her condition
  • The importance of sharing stories to go through internal healing and offering hope and connection to others facing similar challenges
  • Her commitment to raising awareness about mental health issues and advocating for alternative therapies through speaking opportunities, inspiring and helping those who need support and healing


Throughout this conversation, Marcia and I explored how her life took a dramatic turn and led her to face her deepest fears head-on. Her story highlights the power of determination, holistic healing, and the profound impact that sharing one's story can have on the lives of others.



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