[SYL Author Series] Emerging from the Fog with Author JoAnne Dykhuizen EP: 162

podcast Oct 11, 2023

In this third episode of our Author Series, we’re going to explore the inspiring journey of JoAnne Dykhuizen, a canine massage therapist and pet product specialist, as she shares her experiences as one of the authors in the collaborative book Shine Your Light.

Today, we’ll dive into JoAnne's backstory and her motivation to participate in the book project. We’ll discover the strong sense of community and support among the authors, and how this collaborative endeavor has opened new doors for JoAnne, including her upcoming solo book project.

Join me and JoAnne as we talk about:

  • What led her to say “yes” to the LIGHTbeamers book project
  • Writing as a healing and therapeutic experience
  • The bond that formed among the authors, and how she connected with her own accountability partner
  • How she’s moving forward from this journey and what she’s looking forward to doing next

JoAnne’s journey is a testament to the transformative potential of sharing one's story. Her experiences, passion for dogs, and the healing journey she embarked upon through writing shine a light on the power of self-expression. As we celebrate her and our other authors through this series, we're reminded of the strength in community and the encouragement to step beyond self-doubt to embark on our own writing journeys. In a world filled with diverse stories and voices, JoAnne's story is an inspiring reminder that we all have the ability to shine our light and inspire others along the way.



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