[SYL Author Series] From Bookkeeper to Published Author with Debi Choi EP: 165

podcast Oct 18, 2023

It’s the sixth episode of our author series, shining a light on the talented individuals who contributed their personal stories to our collaborative book, "Shine Your Light." 

Our featured guest for this episode is Debi Choi, a former accountant who transitioned from the world of numbers to becoming an author and sharing her remarkable story. Debi's experience is an inspiring example of resilience and personal transformation that will resonate with anyone seeking to overcome life's challenges and embrace the power of storytelling.

I invite you to join me and Debi as we talk about: 

  • Embracing transformation and following one's passion, even if it requires leaving a familiar career path
  • Resilience through adversity and how each one of us has the strength to overcome even the most challenging circumstances
  • The importance of having contingency plans in place for both personal and professional life
  • Storytelling’s healing power in helping individuals process their emotions and experiences
  • Compassion and kindness and the reminder that we often don't know the battles others are fighting, and empathy can go a long way
  • The freedom of transparency and overcoming the fear of judgment and being unapologetically ourselves


Debi's remarkable journey, shared in this episode, serves as a shining example of how the act of storytelling can be a catalyst for personal growth and positive change. Her transition is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's life experiences and sharing them with the world. May her story inspire you to shine your own light and unlock your inner storyteller!

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