[SYL Author Series] Rising Above Family Trauma with Author Blythe Cox EP: 164

podcast Oct 16, 2023

It’s the fifth episode of our Author Series, a special segment that showcases the remarkable contributors to our collaborative book, Shine Your Light. Each episode in this series uncovers the unique facets of the authors’ stories and the profound impact they have on both the authors and their audience.

Today, we have the privilege of talking to Blythe Cox, an extraordinary author featured in the book. Her journey is a beacon of hope, and her story is a light on the path from despair to triumph. For sure, Blythe’s courage in sharing her personal struggles is going to be a source of inspiration for all who hear her story.

Listen in as Blythe and I discuss:

  • A little of her background and how she came to join our collaborative book project
  • The emotional and psychological challenges she faced while sharing her story
  • Dealing with fear, anxiety, and depression and going through moments of giving up
  • The positive impact of sharing her story and how people are already expressing their gratitude for giving them hope in dealing with their own challenges
  • Her personal transformation, emphasizing that she had to be intentional in seeking hope and discovering the goodness in her life


Our conversation with Blythe reminds us once again of the transformative power of storytelling. The stories shared by our incredible authors serve as beacons of inspiration, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, one can find the strength to shine brightly. We hope that her story, along with those of our other talented authors, resonates with you and encourages you to reflect on your own story and begin your storytelling journey.


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