[SYL Author Series] Rise Above Your Circumstances with Author Belinda Sandor EP: 160

podcast Oct 06, 2023

I'm thrilled to kick off a brand-new episode that's part of our exciting author series, featuring the incredible women from 'Shine Your Light.' And to start things off, we have an absolute gem as our first author in this series – the remarkable Belinda Sandor!

Belinda helps women around the world to start, grow, and scale successful Virtual Assistant businesses. A 12-year, practicing VA herself, Belinda is the Founder of The VA Connection®, an online organization that helps VAs achieve their financial goals and live their dreams.

I invite you to listen in as Belinda and I talk about:

  • Her awe-inspiring journey of personal transformation
  • Why it’s never too late for anyone to pursue their passions and create the life they want for themselves
  • The power of community and helping others discover their true potential
  • How it feels to build a million-dollar business – and be comfortable with it!!

If you're looking for more stories of transformation, empowerment, and shining your light, Shine Your Light, the collaborative book featuring Belinda and many other incredible authors, will be available October 17th on Amazon. In the meantime, watch out for our upcoming episodes featuring the women of Shine Your Light.



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