AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Ready to Bloom with Julia Barton EP: 068

podcast Jan 05, 2022

I always say: when you share your story, you shine a light.

And that is exactly what our next featured author from the LIGHTbeamers Author Program aims to do.

Julia Barton is a postpartum doula and Reiki master at Olive & Bloom. She’s new to the LIGHTbeamers Community, and came by way of the Author Program where she and I, plus 13 other women, are on a journey to discover our stories and share them with the world. And Julia’s story -- while uniquely her own -- will resonate with other women and I believe, will serve as a guiding light for so many.

Listen in on my conversation with Julia, as she and I talk about:

  • The inside story of why she said yes the Author Program
  • Her reason for wanting to become a postpartum doula AND at the same time, tell her story on postpartum depression
  • The biggest lesson she wants to share with other women who are heading into pregnancy, going through it, or have already gone through childbirth
  • Why she went the non-traditional route in dealing with postpartum depression
  • Her experience in preparing her story for the book, and what she’s looking forward to when the book gets published
  • The beautiful reasons why she named her business Olive & Bloom

We all have stories to tell, and sharing your story matters. Whether it’s to heal your own soul, or let someone know they’re not alone, telling your story is an important practice we should all be doing.


Connect with Julia:
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