From Burnout to True Transformation with Ashley Reed EP: 087

podcast May 18, 2022

Overworking ourselves beyond breaking point will never guarantee success. In fact, it might even become a deterrent to achieving goals by causing burnout – something that is now considered a disease by health experts. So how do we escape this cycle, find our focus again, and re-center? 

Ashley Reed has always been a high performer and built a successful career as a Marketing Executive for some well-known brands and companies. But when she found herself exhausted to a point that almost cost her her life, she knew she had to reset internally to find true balance and freedom.

Ashley and I had an enlightening conversation, and we invite you to listen in as we talk about:

  • How she was living a great life – but it wasn’t HER life
  • What happened when burnout happened, and how she stopped “swimming upstream” and cleared the clutter surrounding her to focus inward
  • Experiencing unconditional love and acceptance for herself, and how this changed her relationship with others for the better
  • How story work is a huge part of resetting her life
  • What it means to truly surrender
  • The different ways she centers and balances herself when she needs to

We have romanticized burnout so much that it has become difficult to give ourselves the time and space we need to bring our focus back to what really matters most. It takes a lot of inner work, but if we put in the effort, we will find our true self, and begin to live fully and meaningfully.


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