Writing About Dad EP: 110

podcast Oct 26, 2022

It’s such a special week on The Inside Story Podcast!! Our second LIGHTbeamers collaborative book, STEP INTO YOUR BRAVE, was released yesterday on Amazon!! And in a matter of a few hours, we reached #1 status, and it feels amazing to be able to share this journey with all of you.

In today’s episode, I’m putting the spotlight on my own experience writing for this book and choosing to write about my father. It’s definitely not something I thought I’d ever share publicly, much less write about in a book. But looking back now, I know that this is exactly what I was meant to do.

So tune in and sit with me as I share with you:

  •    The inside story of my chapter in the book, where I may have written about my dad but really shared my OWN story
  •    The reasons why so many others choose not to tell their story, plus the reasons why we all should
  •    The scripture verse that has been my guide in serving this community, that I hope will inspire you, too

There’s power in storytelling. It transforms not only the storyteller, but also the one who hears it – or in this case, reads it. So I ask you, dear listener and fellow LIGHTbeamer, to please check out Step Into Your Brave on Amazon. Let the stories inspire you, encourage you, transform you – and pave the way for you to step into your own brave.


Click here to grab a copy of Step Into Your Brave on Amazon. Through Kiva, 100% of launch day profits will fund micro loans for underserved women who are starting or growing their business.

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