Making Adversity Your Ally with Mojotivation Founder, Amy Sutter EP: 185

podcast Mar 20, 2024

Most of the time, we think of adversity as an unwelcome guest that knocks on our door at some point in our lives, often more than once. Yet, within the heart of adversity lie the seeds of growth, resilience, and transformation.

Today on the show, we are joined by my good friend, Amy Sutter. Amy's journey is a testament to the transformative power of facing challenges head-on and harnessing them as stepping stones towards growth. Her story is about tirelessly pursuing personal and professional fulfillment, which is driven by a passion for helping others become the strongest versions of themselves. Amy's thoughts on turning adversity into an ally offer lessons on resilience and perseverance.

Join me and Amy as we talk about:

  • Amy’s personal journey of turning adversity into an ally, offering insights on how challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth
  • Her transition from a corporate career to becoming a known figure in the fitness and wellness industry and highlighting her holistic approach to empowering others through Mojotivation
  • The significance of storytelling and sharing personal stories as a means to inspire and support others
  • How the Speak Easy has helped Amy land a speaking event and showed her the transformative power of embracing and sharing one's story -- and made her into a Certified Storyteller!!
  • The idea of shared strength, supporting the value of community and the impact of helping one another through life's adversities
  • Amy’s concept of being a "DIV" (Divinely Inspired Vessel), which reinforces the idea of sharing one's strengths and experiences as a means of uplifting others


Adversity, while often challenging and unwelcome, holds within it the keys to personal growth and resilience. Amy’s story serves as a reminder of the strength that lies in facing our battles with courage and openness to transformation. Whether adversity appears as a foe or becomes an ally in our lives is largely a matter of perspective and choice. Let Amy’s story be a beacon of hope and inspiration, encouraging us all to see beyond the immediate struggles and to envision a future where adversity has shaped us into our best selves.




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