Activating Relationships with David Watson EP: 095

podcast Jul 13, 2022

When we have strong relationships, we can go through life's joys with so much more meaning and navigate challenges with hopefully more ease. So how do we activate relationships and forge strong bonds?

Our guest on today’s show is one of my clients. David Watson is part of the ThinqShift team – a group of people whose goal is to “craft fabulous leaders to succeed and reinvent the world”. He is known in the group as the Relationship Activator and Optimist, a role he takes seriously and tries to embody even outside of work.

I invite you to listen in as David and I talk about:

  • His background and his shift to a completely different kind of work while still delivering leadership services
  • How he got the title “Relationship Activator” and what it means to be one – plus how it all ties to being part of a small family but having a large group of friends
  • His tips for becoming better at building and deepening relationships, and the benefits of cultivating these connections
  • The project he’s currently working on about lessons learned
  • Being intentional about optimism and how it serves him on hard days
  • Brene Brown’s influence and impact, and the two key things he’s learned from her

It’s never too late to start new relationships and to work on those you already have. They’re a vital part of life, and as David has shared with us, you stand to gain so much from it.

I’ll leave you with this challenge: go out of your way today to connect with someone. They may be a new acquaintance you’d like to get to know better, or a dear friend you haven’t touched based with in a while. Activate your relationships and live your life more fully. 


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