A Conversation about Asian Racism with Michelle Hoover EP: 040

podcast Jun 23, 2021

With the spread of the pandemic that affected -- and continues to affect -- millions of people worldwide came the rise in Asian racism. In speaking of this, we’re not only talking about racial slurs hurled toward Asian Americans, but also workplace inequity and discrimination, and physical violence. 

Today’s guest on The Inside Story Podcast is Michelle Hoover, a leadership-development strategist, consultant, and coach. An advocate for lifting women at work, she is using her voice to inspire solidarity against racism, and to remind her fellow Asian Americans of their value and worth.

There are so many eye-openers in my conversation with Michelle. Listen in as she shares with me:

  • The staggering statistics reflecting discrimination against Asian American women in corporate America
  • 2 macro considerations she draws from her background, and what it’s like growing up in a Korean household
  • The latest book she’s reading by Margaret Chin, that discusses 3 reasons holding Asian Americans back from rising to the top of the corporate ladder
  • Why she feels that acknowledging and listening to understand are the important first steps in addressing what’s happening
  • Her response to fighting racism and increasing visibility for Asians in the workplace
  • What the recent events have changed in her perspective from when she first started out, and her views now about her role in society

Like many of us, Michelle used to shy away from sharing her story. Being born into an environment that didn’t promote individuality and visibility contributed to that. Now, she is taking steps to understand and shine a light on the gravity of what’s happening to Asian Americans, and challenging herself to serve and help people through her platform.

Michelle is hopeful about the future, as I am. What’s crucial is to first acknowledge the injustice that’s going on, and that we can each contribute to creating a positive change in society.


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