The 3 V's to Victory


I want to talk about how to "Next Level" your storytelling game.

Any story worth sharing, is worth sharing in a big way! 

The 3 V's to Victory:

#1 - Get Visible.
You have to show up, you have to share openly and use your voice. getting visible is the only way you can get your message out into the world, because here’s the thing — no one is going to do it for you so ask yourself today, how Visible are you with currently your story? 

#2- Get Vulnerable.
Being open, honest, and REAL with your audience is the fastest way to grow a loyal client base. People want to do business with human beings, not robots. So showing your vulnerability every once in a while is a really important layer to add into your storytelling.

Just this week, in my own Community, I shared some successes I was experiencing, and I shared some areas in my own life and business that need improvement. Does that make me any less qualified to do the work I do if I admit that I'm human and that I have my own challenges I’m working to overcome? Absolutely not. I believe by being real with my audience, and showing them not only my highlight reel but also the things I'd like to leave on the editing room floor. 

In today’s world of perfectly posed instagram posts, and filtered videos and selfies…. we’ve fallen prey to this idea that as business owners, we have to be perfect. We have to be put together and always show up as the expert in our field. Here’s the thing: You can be the expert while also showing your audience your human. So embrace the vulnerability in your storytelling and your audience is going to fall in love with you.

#3 Video. 
This one is non-negotiable. I’ve worked for over 25 years in the world of Video storytelling, so hear me when I say if you want your story to be heard, you want to make an impact with your message, you want to reach more people….. you have to get on Video.

Video the number one way most of us are consuming information these days …. it’s the most powerful form of digital communication that actually helps you build relationships with people you don’t even know.

By using Video — you are allowing your audience to see you and hear you. When they can hear your voice and see your smile and notice the way you talk with your hands it sends a subliminal message to them that once again, you are human. You have personality. You are REAL……

In our internet-driven age, we want to make people feel like we are right there with them, just having a cup of coffee, carrying on a conversation. We are real. We are not androids from space trapped in a computer screen.

I’ve been working with getting clients stories on video for a long time, and there is no other medium out there that has the power of bringing your story to life the way Video does. I’ve seen it over and over again. I see the results it gets. It’s the best thing you can do for your business. So if you are not currently embracing video. Do yourself a favor and start….. right away.

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