Hi, I'm April!

I help women use their Story
to get Clear on their Purpose,
Build their Audience, and Grow their brand.

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Why You Need to Get a Grip on Your Story:


Far too many people can't clearly articulate their own story!! They get muddled in the details. Understanding your own story helps you clearly communicate it to others. Having clarity allows for opportunities to unfold for you & your business.


When you are clear on your story, your purpose and direction are revealed. This has a profound effect on your confidence.
Learning to give your story Power-- versus letting it have power over you-- is Key!

And you need Confidence to sell your Brand!


Once you are clearly and effectively sharing your story, it supercharges your ability to connect with others. They will be drawn to you! You can build community, expand your reach, and have a bigger impact in the world!

When you get here, magic unfolds!

How We Work Together

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We’ve got a virtual classroom to help you figure out your Story & get more comfortable/savvy on Video.


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Whether you need help figuring out the key elements of your own story…. or you want help getting that story on Video…. These free resources will help you TURN YOUR STORY INTO YOUR SECRET WEAPON




Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm April!

I am a Storyteller. My Passion is helping women unlock the story within, so they can own it, speak it, and share it with others. Why? Because learning to use your story powerfully will help you grow your business, reach more people, engage an audience, and create connections.

It doesn't matter if you are a preacher, an artist, an entrepreneur, or factory worker -- YOU have a story, and it holds a powerful message others need to hear!

I have a 25+ year career as a TV Journalist, Video Producer, Writer and Speaker; I know the value of stories.... and I know how to help YOU make sense of yours.

I've interviewed future Presidents, Fortune 500 CEO's, Professional Athletes, and Millionaires... and guess what? Your Story is equally as exciting as theirs. You just need to learn how to tell it, and connect it properly to your message & mission. (there is a connection, I promise!)

I've never walked away from an interview without a story to share. It's fascinating to me to uncover someone's uniqueness.... and to help them see it, too! I love this work so much because it lights me up and feeds my insatiable curiosity. 

When you share your story, you can effectively attract an audience, which can help you grow your business, expand your reach, build a platform, have a larger impact in the world.... when you do this, you shine a LIGHT.

Join other LIGHTbeamers and let's get busy finding your Story!

"I am inspired daily by those who unapologetically go after their dreams, share their stories and show others along the way that anything is possible." - April Adams Pertuis

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