What is Your Origin Story?


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If you’ve just stumbled upon this Flash Briefing, or my blog, you might not really know who I am or why I talk so much about Storytelling.

So let's dig into something called an Origin Story.... 

It's part of the 3 foundational pieces of storytelling I teach because every business owner and personal of influence needs to have these in their arsenal. 

I’m here to help make storytelling easy for you — so you can get busy using it in your business and in your marketing to attract your ideal audience and grow your impact.

Here's a peek at my own origin story, then we'll talk about what this looks like for you....

For over 25 years, I’ve been working in the world of storytelling….as a journalist, writer, video producer, and speaker.

Way back when I was a kid even, I was fascinated by stories. I would stay up late in my bedroom writing stories and poetry in my journal. When my parents would have dinner parties, I’d sneak downstairs and hide out in the hallway listening in to their stories…. I was always keenly aware that it was through these stories people connected…. they found common ground and built relationships.

Later on in life, when I became a journalist, I found myself getting swept up in the stories of my interview subjects. With each interview, I wanted to know more… it made me hungrier to learn more about these people.

Now, as a business owner, I use stories to do those same things — create connections, build relationships, and draw people in.

So The first key foundational story you need is your Origin story — a piece of historical context that you can trace back to the beginning of your own story. …. and by this I mean as it relates to the message you want to share with others. 

If you are in the wellness industry — trace back your own health journey to it’s beginning.

If you are a coach or service provider, what’s your earliest memory of helping someone create a better outcome for themselves? Or being of service to others?

If you are a pastor, when did your own spiritual and religious beliefs first take hold in your life.

If you are a writer, when did you discover the power of words?

Your origin story is an important piece of your story to share with your audience. It’s a way to draw them in to your own journey — and attracting an audience that is connected to your story as it may relate to their own journey or set of interests.

Give this a try today — share your Origin story with your audience… maybe it’s a Facebook live, or an Instagram story, or a post on LinkedIn, or an article for your blog, or an email to your subscribers.

Don’t be afraid to just share a piece of your story with them for no other reason except to try to create a connection.

There’s no need to mention your products or services here…. no need to drop links to your latest program or offer…. simply share with them human to human.

I know every single time I’ve walked away from an interview and someone has shared their story with me, I always feel humbled and honored they chose to share it with me.

Your audience will feel the same way... and that's when the real magic unfolds! 

I'll be back tomorrow with the 2nd foundational story you need to share. Stay tuned! 


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