Video, Video, Video

Video, Video, Video
I’m going to talk about something today that’s a little counter-intuitive considering this is an AUDIO broadcast. You are listening to me using Audio technology… and what I want to talk about today is VIDEO. 
But hang with me here. Because this is important. Especially when it comes to Storytelling in 2019.

But Video is something I know a lot of about — and I want to take a minute to share some insight with you on why You should be embracing Video in getting your own message out into the world… no matter what industry you are in, no matter what your business is.
Video allows others to see and hear you, almost as if you were standing in front of them in the same room. And you cannot underestimate what this does to help you build connection with people, and help you build relationships in our internet & social media driven digital age. 
Think about it, you probably follow a lot of different business people online… people you’ve never met in person… people who don’t even live anywhere near you…. yet because they are out in front of you, using the power of video to share their message, you are following along and probably feel like you know them as a result.

Whenever you can hear someone’s voice, see their face, the way they smile, the intonation of their voice, the little mannerisms and quirks … it all makes you feel like you know this person on a deeper level, even though you’ve never met them in person.

Video is a vehicle you should not overlook. And i know what most of you are saying … it scares the crap out of you. You feel self-conscious and weird getting in front of the camera. You get nervous and you don’t know what to say! 
Here’s the thing… everyone feels that way when they first start out. I’ve shared stories before of how I started my career in Television broadcasting, and let me tell you the first few times I had to do LIVE reports, I almost passed out. I was so scared and nervous. But guess what…. I got better and better each time I got in front of the camera, and I learned to embrace the tool as a form to get information in front of people in a really visual and intimate way.

Before long, people in the local town would recognize me in public and come up to me while i was in the grocery store, or out shopping at the mall. They came up to me because they felt comfortable with me, they felt like they knew me. They felt like they had a relationship with me……

Don’t you want that happening with your audience? What would it feel like to have people coming to you asking how they could be more involved in your work. 
It’s pretty powerful stuff. 
Now, I teach several courses on getting comfortable on video and using tools like live-streaming on social media. But here’s a really quick and FREE place to start. Join my private fb group, called LIGHTbeamers Community because every Wednesday, I open that Group for all members to go live and get practice using video and getting more comfortable. Having a private, safe place to get started is something the members tell me they appreciate over and over again… so join them in our group. 
I hope I’ve opened your mind today to think more about Video… even on this platform of Alexa, which is strictly Audio. 

Give your own story a chance today…. on VIDEO and et it shine a light. As always, I’ll be cheering for you! 

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