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I want you to think for a moment the last time you cried at a commercial. I know it probably doesn’t happen that often, but when was the last time a commercial made you take a pause and you thought to yourself, “Oh man that was so good?”

 Now the 2nd part of my question is — did that commercial talk about the features and benefits of its product…. or did it tell a story?

My guess is you are over there say, “oh it told a story, for sure”. 

You know, I say this all the time…. everybody has a story! And they do! Everybody does indeed have a story — but not everybody is actually using their story to reach out and touch people, to create a human connection that makes people remember you. 

Learning to tell stories to your audience is something that is so within your reach….. so if you aren’t already skillfully weaving storytelling into your messages, I want to give you a good list of ways you could start mining and brainstorming ways to incorporate your story into the way you communicate with your audience. 

Like the commercial that touched your heart and made you cry — your audience will remember you if you make them feel something.

So here’s a simple exercise for you. And don’t worry, I’ve got this list handy for you on my website on today’s blog if you want to come back to this when you have a minute to jot these down and spend some time thinking through these storytelling moments:

What stories come to mind when ….

You were challenged
You were scared
You made a life pivot
You failed
You did something brave
You did something unexpected for someone else
You learned a valuable lesson
You were wrong about something
You experienced an awakening
You learned something new
You stepped outside your comfort zone
You created something
You accomplished a big goal
You took a scary risk
You did something for the greater good

If you really took the time to go through this list and allowed yourself to share personal stories related to these prompts— and then found a way to weave them into your marketing, your messaging, your social media posts — you’ll be amazed at the type of engagement and conversations you can generate.

In fact, I’d really love to see you take this challenge.

What if you took one story a day and shared something along these lines over the next 2 weeks to your public audience. 

Can you even imagine what that might do for you personally and professionally?

I’m challenging you to do it. 


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