Pieces of the Storytelling Pie

Uncategorized May 01, 2019

Your Story is a Pie Chart

I have a concept for you today that may help you think of your own story in a more manageable way — at least when it comes to sharing it on social media, or maybe when your are giving a talk or presentation.

Let’s face it, you don’t always get the chance to tell your full story, so you gotta find ways to share pieces of your story in compelling ways — to get your audience to want to know more.

I want you to think of your whole story as a Circle, and the circle is cut into pieces like a pie.

If you were to dissect your story into segments, what they be?

The pie segments represents a moment in time …. an experience, a lesson, a pivot point in your story.

By segmenting your story out into pie pieces, you can take a little time to flesh each piece out into a few more details….

These are micro stories that are ideal for adding into presentations or using as content on your social media or blog.

Using micros stories is a great way to engage your audience quickly without having to built out the whole story….. you are giving them a short snippet of your story as a way to carry the message you are wanting to share.

So how do you determine what goes into each piece of pie?

Write your whole story out (I suggest using the framework that’s found in my FREE Story Formula guide)

From there, go through your story paragraph by paragraph and identify the chunks you can pull out and stand on their own. These are your pie segments.

Once you’ve identified your pie segments, you can begin to flesh out the micro stories within each piece of pie.

This is a technique I use to help identify key pieces of your story, as well as the micro stories that exist under the layers.

Give this a try! And if you want some feedback or additional support, be sure to join our FREE Facebook Community. You can post your story or try out a pie of your pie on us! 



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