How to Upgrade Your Story Endings


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Maybe you've heard that all good stories begin with a really great hook --- a visual or statement that hooks you into the story and makes you want to know more.

But here's another element your stories really need --- a deep, meaningful ending.

Far too many stories endings being told in business today are too shallow. They are too corporate. They concentrate on rational, economic benefits like make more money rather than emotional outcomes that are more focused on how it changes their life.

Let's face it. Your audience doesn't really care about your product or service.... and too many businesses spin their stories in a way that makes the products or service the hero. 

Your audience has needs that have nothing to do with your products or services. .... and it's important you figure it out.

When you begin to tell stories in your business that speak emotionally to those needs, your audience will start to lean in closer and pay more attention.

Does your product or service help them achieve personal goals?? HOW?? Your stories need to go there because it's never about your product.
Don't be afraid to go deep on this one. Be real. Aim to share the story from the perspective of basic human needs.

Here are a few examples: 

Instead of focusing on how your product or service can help your audience make more money -- why don't you think deeper about what that money would really mean to them? What does that money allow them to do as a result? How can you paint this picture by telling a story? 

Instead of focusing on how your product can relieve pain -- go deeper. What's the real transformation being pain free provides? Does it allow them to live a more active, free life -- traveling and hiking with family and going on fun adventures that bring more joy and exhilaration to their life? 

That's how you want to end your stories -- by helping your audience see the transformation that's available to them.

What buyers really are seeking is a Transformation. Everyone is running around asking, "How can this make my life better?"

The ending of your story needs to drive these points home. It needs to reach deep into the heart of your audience and tug at their hearts, desires, dreams, and emotions….. THIS is the power of storytelling in your business.

This is something I help my community constantly strive for by sharing weekly prompts so if you’d like some help coming up with ideas on how to incorporate more storytelling into your marketing, join us in the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook. Be sure to let me know you found us on Alexa!! 

I’m always looking for ways to help you incorporate more storytelling into your work because I believe so fervently in the power of storytelling — and what it can do for you & your business! 


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