Finding Stories in the Arts


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I believe there are prompts all around us. I’ve talk about it often — how being aware of your surroundings can produce the most amazing stories for you to share.

But if you are not in the habit of paying that close attention…. here's an easier trick you can try.

Most people have a creative side to them… even if they don’t realize it. And there is a way that stories speak to you.

For example, you may not be a talented artist but you really enjoy going to art museums or collecting unique sculptures.

You may not know how to play any musical instruments, but you really have a passion for music and you can recite the lyrics to every 80’s band song, or every rock n roll legend’s entire index of music.

You may not be a great writer, but you are a voracious reader— and you love a good fiction book.

Think more about your creative passion — which avenues of creativity do you really enjoy? Where do you like to spend your time outside of work appreciating the creativity of others?

When you identify your particular lane, the next step is to spend some time  in that creative realm… and ask yourself, What is it about this piece of art, or this song, or this book that speaks to me…. what is the story I’m attracted to here?

The 3rd step is to reframe that story into one of your own….. You are attracted to that story for a reason — so dig a little deeper and think about how it connects back to something from your own history, your own journey, your own life and business.

This is a prompt for storytelling you can use over and over again … because there are endless paintings, songs, and books that can inspire you. There are endless stories being told through that vein of creative art.

This could also apply to more linear modalities like science and analytics— if you are more of a black and white kind of person.

The whole idea is to use something that already highly stimulates you — and use that stimulation to tap a little deeper into your own stories…. and listen for the messages that come up for you.

It’s a deep exercise. It’s not fluff… but I can assure you, with a little practice, you will have stories for days to talk about and share with other people.

This can absolutely be a tool you can use to share more stories for your business, too — this doesn’t have to be just personal stuff here.

It works for all areas of your life>


Take a look at these 3 pieces of creative art and see what story is sparked in you:
Frida Kahlo
Bruce Springsteen (pick any of them! He's one of the greatest storytellers in song) 
Will You?, poem by Carrie Fountain

Share with us! 

I’d love to know if you give this technique a try — feel free to look me up on Facebook — you can find me easily inside my private FB group called Lightbeamers Community — it’s free to join, and you have an open invite to share your story with us inside that group.

I created it to give women a safe place to practice their own stories… and get more comfortable using storytelling as a means to communicate and connect with other people. I’d love to see you there.


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