Building Community: Part 3


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Today, I want you to consider how to use your story to establish you as the expert in your field. Let’s face it — we all follow people (and buy from them) when we consider them as someone who actually knows their stuff, right?

If you want to learn how to make fancy scrapbooks, are you going to follow your neighbor’s advice, when she only started making scrapbooks yesterday? — or are you going to follow someone who’s been making scrapbooks for years and has tons of ideas and resources to share? 

You have to find ways to share your story from this standpoint… how can you share stories and allow your audience to see you as an expert at what you do?

There are many ways I suggest you do this, but to get you started, try sharing stories of different experiences you’ve had becoming BETTER at your craft, and giving tips and resources away to your audience.

If you are a writer— you might share a story of a particular writers workshop you attended, and how the experience made you a better writer. Share a tip in the process that might help your followers also become a better writer. 

If you are a nutritionist, you might share a story of working with a particular client, and how your expertise and guidance help them overcome a particular issue.

If you are an accountant, you might share a simple budgeting tool that you give to all of your clients to make their life easier.

Showing up as the expert in your field, and telling stories supporting your status, helps build community because you are giving value to your audience — sharing your best tips and ideas helps them and serves their needs. It helps position you as a leader in your field, and as someone they can trust to provide solid advice, inspiration, and support. 

My advice is to share your story from the standpoint of your expertise, and give generously to others.

Tune back in tomorrow as I continue to talk about ways your story builds community. You’ll see as we go through the week how each step builds upon the last. This is our theme this week;  I hope you find it helpful

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