Accelerator Spotlight: Nicole Herman

spotlight feature Sep 15, 2021

When was the last time you looked long and hard at yourself in the mirror and met the woman staring back at you with love and compassion? 

The stories we tell ourselves, inside our head and in our self-talk, are the most important stories we will ever tell. 

This is why I love the work of Nicole Herman, and her particular journey from self-loathing to self-discovery, and finally to full self-acceptance. 

Nicole is a beautiful member of our Community, and an avid student of storytelling! You'll see by her spotlight feature below how doing the inner work has led to her biggest transformation, which has transformed the outer view! 

I'm thrilled to feature Nicole this month as our Accelerator Spotlight, and it's our hope you'll be able to see a piece of yourself in her story! 

APRIL: Let's start with a little introduction. Tell everyone a bit more about you & share a piece of your journey.

NICOLE: In 2012 I found it necessary to walk away from toxic relationships from family members, and soon discovered that there was an inner bully who continued the emotional torment even after I cut off my abusers. I realized I couldn't change my life until I first changed those thoughts and the relationship I had with myself. The trauma I had experienced turned into self-loathing. I found it difficult to look at my own reflection. I felt stuck. Not only did I walk away from my family, but also lost my job, my home, my car, and my husband nearly lost his ability to walk from back surgery. I walked away from the family business and went back to the world of makeup and cosmetics at a time that I felt anything but beautiful. While working at the beauty counter, I discovered so many women shared the same self-talk and self-image battle that I fought. I found it therapeutic to not only share my makeup skills but also my story with these women. I started to nurture myself the way I enjoyed nurturing others. The past 5 years, I have spent building my own brand on social media through the power of storytelling in live videos. I regularly do live makeup tutorials on FB while sharing my story with people all over the world. While helping others feel more beautiful and confident, God has helped me to take each thought captive and freed me from the past. I have now been able to reconcile with my family because I am not dependent on them for my identity.

APRIL: How has 'storytelling' influenced you and/or your business?

NICOLE: Story-telling has made me more relatable to my audience. We have a deeper connection because while I share my story, they are able to see themselves in my story.

APRIL: What does being a LIGHTbeamer mean to you?

NICOLE: Being a LIGHTbeamer means shining the LIGHT of love, hope, and freedom that our creator designed for us to crave!

APRIL: What have you learned or discovered the most about storytelling and your story?

NICOLE: I've learned to make it about them instead of about ME. I've learned to edit the details that do not serve the listener.

APRIL: What's been the hardest part about learning how to share your story?

NICOLE: Choosing which story to share and discerning which parts to share.

APRIL: What is one piece of advice you'd give to another woman about using her voice and sharing her story?

NICOLE: Each time we bravely share our stories, we liberate someone who has a similar story who might feel to ashamed to share. That shame is holding that person hostage from living a full life!

APRIL: What do you love most about your work?

NICOLE: I love helping others improve their relationship with the reflection in the mirror. It's so rewarding to see a woman who struggled with self-image to becoming someone who appreciates her beauty that goes beyond what is visible!

APRIL: What are you busy creating now?

NICOLE: I'm learning to create margin in my life that allows me to cherish all that God has given me. Sometimes it's important to savor the things you once prayed for instead of chasing the next thing. I'm in a season of deep gratitude.

APRIL: How do you relax after a busy week?

NICOLE: I take out a piece of paper and dump out all of the things in my head, spend some time with God reading the word, and listening to worship music!

APRIL: What kind of things do you like doing outside of work?

NICOLE: Long bike-rides, jet-skiing, reading, long walks.

APRIL: How have you benefited the most by being a member of our VIP Membership, The Visibility Accelerator?

NICOLE: The relationships I've developed through the accelerator have been inspiring, supportive, and pushed me past my comfort zone.

APRIL: What sort of special achievements or accolades are you most proud of?

NICOLE: Global Top Seller for Limelife By Alcone for over 4 years!

APRIL: What are the best channels for others to follow you?

NICOLE:,  Makeup Artistry By Nicole Herman on Facebook, and @FacesbyNicoleHerman on Instagram.

Nicole is a member of our VIP Community, The Visibility Accelerator -- where we help women get their stories and voices heard through monthly coaching calls, ongoing visibility trainings, and weekly story prompts that help them never run out of ways to tell their story. 

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