Where is the Kindness in Storytelling?

kindness Apr 11, 2019

This coming weekend, I’m headed to Dallas, TX to speak at The Kindness Summit — a gorgeous event organized by Louisa Garrett of the #MakeKindLoud movement.

Our task as speakers is to talk about How to Make a Kind Imprint in the World.

As I sat in the park yesterday, putting the final touches on my talk, I thought more about how Kindness shows up in Storytelling.

For me, Kindness has shown up each time I’ve sat down with someone to interview them, or to help them with their story. And the Kindness has come through listening.

I’ve talked about how important listening is before, but let me say it again here: When you take the time to listen to people…. to ask them questions about their life, their business, their passions, their family… and then sit and listen intently, kindness is showing up with you.

People just want to be heard.
They want to know their story matters.
They want to feel acknowledged and validated.  I know I do… and I’m sure you do, too.

Kindness shows up in storytelling when people take the time to put their own egos aside and allow someone else to take up space with their stories…. their opinions, their emotions, their ideas, and their wisdom.

Kindness is a big part of storytelling, I think…. because in order to be a good storyteller you must be a good listener. And the best kind of listeners are the ones who are patient and kind.

I’m excited to share my thoughts at the Kindness Summit in Dallas this weekend. If you are in the Dallas area, and you want to attend this amazing event, tickets are still available!! And I have a discount code to share with you
Click here for ticktes
login: [email protected]
pw: makekindloud

Also happening in Dallas later next month is LIghtbeamers' very first LIVE Storytelling Symposium.

This is a half-day Empowerment workshop for women, focused on your story.

There are 4 amazing women who will join me on the stage to share their story… and talk about how using their story has made an impact in their lives.

We will be sharing valuable tools and resources so you will walk away armed with information to help you see the value in your own story, and understand how to use it in your life and business to make a bigger impact in your community.

The Symposium is May 18th in North Dallas. Click here for more information. 

You will feel more connected to your own story, and you’ll have a solid roadmap to follow to help you share it effectively with your audience and clientele.

Sharing your story opens up so many connections and conversation.. which can lead to many beautiful things…. and most of all, it creates space for Kindness to show up with you.


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