Have You Ever Felt This Way?


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I have a storytelling tip that’s so simple, you’ll be shocked when you hear it — yet I’m going to guess many of you are not using it. 

There is a simple question you can be asking in your content — whether it be written content like emails or blogs, or your social media posts, or live videos, or in-person talks and workshops.

If you start to sprinkle it into with your story — you will inherently draw more people in closer to you and get them to start seeing themselves in your story.

The question is ….. “Has this ever happened to you?” — or another iteration of it is ….. “Have you ever felt this way?”

Asking your audience directly if a part of your story is something they’ve experienced too is so powerful because what we experience we remember….. and asking them if they’ve ever felt the same as you is even more powerful because now you are tapping into their emotions.

First, It encourages your audience to engage with your content. Whether you are on video, or standing live in front of your audience — when you pause in your story long enough to say “Has this ever happened to you?” or “Have you ever felt this way?” — immediately gets the audience to stop thinking about your story and begin evaluating their own. 

If they have experienced something similar or they have felt the same way as you — they will instantly make a connection with you. Something will spark inside of them that says, “Oh wow, this girl is just like me. I totally get her” — 

Incorporating this simple trick allows you audience to see themselves in your story, and when that happens, it’s gold !! 

The story is no longer about you — it’s about them, and your simple question will immediately take them back to that powerful experience, or that powerful emotion — and when you can make somebody FEEL something through the sharing of your story — you will attract them closer to you, and inspire them to take action.

I recently watched Brene Brown’s Netflix show called The Call for Courage — and throughout her stage presentation, she used this technique over and over again. She bantered back and forth between sharing pieces of her own story and then pausing and asking the audience if they’ve ever experienced something similar — or if they’ve ever felt the same as her. 

It was a masterpiece example of this storytelling technique. I highly recommend you watch her show — not only to see this in action — but also because she teaches on Vulnerability and having the courage to show up in life — and that’s a huge piece of learning to tell your story effectively. 

Asking your audience this direct question can help you get more engagement with your content, it opens up communication between you and your following, and most importantly, it allows your audience to relate to you on a real human level.

These are powerful connections — and they can all be made by simple incorporating this simple question into your story! 


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