Join us for an In-Person, full day immersive VIP Experience.

Go Deep on your Story, Step into your Next Level of Visibility, and Harness the Power of Elevating your Voice. 

Reserve Your Spot!
Join us on one of our stops for a fill day, immersive VIP Mastermind Experience.
Go Deep on your Story, Step into your Next Level of Visibility, and Harness the Power of Elevating your Voice.
Reserve Your Spot!

We’re making stops all across the country on our Summer Roadshow Series to bring Lightbeamers to you!

We’ll customize the experience to you! 
We’ll put all of the minds in the room on YOUR business and help you craft an action plan that feels exciting, doable, and full of LIGHT. 

I’ve built my business to a level of success I never imagined.
This is because I’ve tapped into something I underused in the beginning:

The Power of Community.

I’ve double-downed on my investments into mastermind communities that have proven to be way more fruitful than I could have ever imagined.

It’s the stuff that no amount of posting on social media will get you. Not even FB ads can do this.

I’m talking about leveraging the power of your network, and building your network with the right people.

Your Network can help you land podcasts, make incredible referrals,  introduce you to key players, get you speaking engagements, and send you clients!

Everyone needs a strong support system in your business! 

The Summer Roadshow will help you strengthen your Network while also helping you to make major “boss” moves to get you to your Next Level. 

Count Me In!

The LIGHTbeamers Summer Roadshow is an exclusive offering for members of our Community.

You know our work.

You know our desire and passion to help you dive deeper into your story and amplify your voice and message to the world. 


Tour Stops:

Choose one of these 7 cool cities closest to you— or hit the road and make a getaway out of it. 

📍Park City, Utah – June 28th
📍Greenville, South Carolina – July 10th
📍Austin, Texas – July 18th
📍Summit, New Jersey – July 31st
📍Tampa, Florida – August 5th
📍Columbus, Ohio – August 18th

Each Mastermind experience will be an intimate gathering
6 people max.


As an Official Tour Stop VIP, Your Ticket Includes: 

in real life support, feedback, and personalization for your business.

Powerful connections for things like affiliate partnerships, podcast opportunities, guest teaching, referrals, and more! 

Personalized Spotlight to get in-depth support and answers to your biggest business questions from me and your mastermind crew. This hotseat alone could be the gateway to the next $5-$10K in your business. 

✅ Catered lunch and post-event Happy Hour We won't just talk business, this full-day experience will be about doing business (and life!) together. We'll break bread and have plenty of time to connect further.  

Exclusive Bonuses:

💥 What’s Working Live - based on what the group requests during each event, I’ll pull back the curtain to reveal my in-depth process and what works well on a given topic.

💥 Surprise Guest Speakers - I’ll hand pick a guest speaker from my extensive Rolodex of 6 & 7-figure colleagues. Depending on availability, they’ll either join us live or we’ll zoom them into our private room for a hands-on teaching session that is NOT to be missed!

💥 Meet April - need I say more? That’s truly what has me so excited – the thought of meeting so many of you IN PERSON after all these years of building community together online and inside our programs. Instead of you coming to me – I’m coming to YOU!