$695.00 USD

Summer Roadshow

As an Official Tour Stop VIP, Your Ticket Includes: 

✅ Unparalleled in real life support, feedback, and personalization for your business.

✅ Powerful connections for things like affiliate partnerships, podcast opportunities, guest teaching, referrals, and more! 

✅ The team and I will curate each location for the 6 attendees meaning the entire day will be customized to the area(s) of support YOU request.  (Think visibility, getting clients, offer


A detailed questionnaire outlining where you need support so I can curate your experience. 

The VIP Call Sheet so you can meet and connect with your new mastermind BFF’s before the day. 

Personalized Spotlight to get in-depth support and answers to your biggest business questions from me and your mastermind crew. This hotseat alone could be the gateway to the next $5-$10K in your business. 

Networking, group, and partner exercises to build meaningful connections and profitable partnerships. My goal is you’ll leave the day with people remembering you, raving about you and referring you – new podcasts, guest teaching, client, and friendship opportunities.


Special Swag bags because you are a VIP, and VIP’s get special goodies.

Catered lunch, as well as delicious snacks and drinks for the entire day.

“That’s a Wrap” happy hour to connect further at an awesome location in each city.