$47.00 USD

A ‘Podapalooza’ Style Week where...

...we cover all things Podcast Hosting and Guesting.

21-25 AUGUST 2023

 Here’s what you can expect each day of the Workshop:

⭐️ Day 1: The Visibility Podcasts bring, and how it’s a gift that keeps giving.

⭐️ Day 2: Best practices and ninja tricks to get booked on more podcasts as a Guest

⭐️ Day 3: Hosting your Own show. What do you really need, and what nobody tells you!

⭐️ Day 4: Mapping out your first 5 shows. How to jump off the cliff and pull the trigger on a show.

⭐️ Day 5: Leverage: How to maximize the content of shows and the brilliant use of Podcasts most people aren’t utilizing.

Amplify your voice by mastering podcast essentials in this interactive and actionable 5-day workshop.