You know you need to

But you are scared... and you really want to stay behind the camera, curled up in your pajamas. 

But that's not helping you 
Grow your Audience, Grow your Influence, or Grow your Business!

To be relevant in today's digital age, every business, teacher, author, coach, speaker, healer, etc needs ​to be sharing their message on Video!  

JOIN 21 Days 21 Ways - Roadmap to Mastering FB LIVE Course

What is 21 Days 21 Ways?

It's an online course built as a Roadmap to help you master Facebook Live. We go step-by-step, day-by-day to get you over the fear... get you more comfortable on video... and get you sharing your story effectively LIVE on social media!


Real Results on Social Media

Where will you be in 21 Days?

After you complete this challenge, you will:

  Exponentially grow your confidence in executing live video.

   Explode your reach on FB, playing up to the favorable algorithms of FB LIVE

   Solidify your space as an expert in your field, showing up daily to offer value, tools, support, and information to your audience

   Relax and embrace video to show off your personality more with your audience, who will see you as a real expert and confident leader in your industry and will then trust you when they decide to purchase!

   Make your online videos STAND OUT without having to spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment or hiring a team to make you look good. It’s all within your reach. I’ll be sharing all my best tips for making your video stand out in the noisy newsfeeds.

   Drive people to your offerings and products; you'll start making money from your livestreams!


Join the 21 Days 21 Ways Community:

Video Tutorials

You'll have full access to our video tutorials that show you camera set up, gear needed, tips on lighting, using 3rd party broadcasting software, and more! We also provide real-life examples ripped straight from our newsfeed to show you lessons in action. We want to ensure your videos will get noticed online!

Daily Prompts

Even if you are currently using video & livestreaming -- you might get stuck on "what to talk about."
Am I right?
For the entire 21 days of the course, you'll receive a daily prompt to give you
"21 ways" to share your message, engage with your audience, and surprise & delight your viewers.

Group Support

You don't have to go at this alone! Join a private community of other students who started right where you are... and have a safe, private place to test your livestreams before taking them public to your own audience. You'll have a safe place to practice, get more comfortable, and receive valuable feedback.

Tips on Storytelling

This would not be a course from LIGHTbeamers if we didn't teach you a thing or two about how to share your story. 21 Days 21 Ways students are always amazed at how much they learn about communicating their message and engaging with their audience by taking this course.

Strategy Hacks

Discover the best ways to increase your engagement, get more live viewers, boost the comments, and turn your viewers into Customers! You'll uncover all the secrets the pros use to get tons of views, and $$ hitting your account. Uncover the real story hiding in your Data & Analytics.  

VIP Add-on

Option to book TWO Video Strategy sessions-- one at the beginning of your 21 days journey, the second one at the end -- to maximize your results.
Get into the mind of a professional video storyteller -
I'll help you devise a plan that makes the most sense for you and your business.

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21 Daily Prompts
Library of Video tutorials
EASY Tech/Gear set up
Private FB group for support
Lifetime access & updates

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21 Daily Prompts
Library of Video tutorials
EASY Tech/Gear set up
Private FB group for support
Lifetime Access & updates

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The entire Course, PLUS
2 x 30-minute Strategy Calls with April and bonus feedback inside the FB Group

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The entire Course, PLUS
2 x 30-minute Strategy Calls with April and bonus feedback inside the FB Group

Yes! I want VIP!


✅ Every day for 21 days, you will get a daily prompt and assignment revolving around FB LIVE. You start small by first sharing your FB lives within a small course community (private FB group)… then take the daily prompts to more public spaces on FB (and other platforms).

✅ Each daily prompt will be very different, giving you 21 Days of “done for you ideas” on what to share in your daily FB live. You will not have to dream up the ideas — these will be hand delivered to you — all you have to do is press play and execute!

✅ Each day, you will gather in the private course community to share your wins, or disappointments, frustrations, and successes. Course students will become fellow cheerleaders for you! Like all things we do at LIGHTbeamers … this is as much about building community with one another as it is growing more confident in your skill.

✅ I will be offering general support and feedback through the private course FB group. If you have a specific question or issue, you can share it in the group and I will answer or help you there. (VIP Students will get priority and additional feedback from me)

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